Dr Arden Andersen Courses 2013

Tuesday, 12 February 2013
                              Dr Arden Andersen Courses
Ashburton, February 13-14 2013
Taupo, February 18-19 2013

Human Health One Day Courses
Havelock North, February 16 2013
Auckland, February 23 2013


Low quality food is slowing starving us of vital nutrients we need to be healthy, vibrant and live our full genetic potential.”  Dr Arden Andersen.

Instructions for Auckland course and venue location:

 Date – Saturday 23 February 2013.

  • The course will be held at The Robertson Building, St Cuthbert’s Collage, 122 Market Street, Epsom, Auckland
  • Start time for the courses is 9.00 am - the day will end around 5.30 pm depending on Q&A Morning teas and lunches are provided during the course. Any special dietary requirements will be catered for.
  • Please remember to bring pen and paper.
  • Please see the attached map. The Robertson Building is number 33 on the attached map. Please consider parking on Market Road or in the underground parking ground (number 44 on the map).
  • Please click here for the map MapSC.pdf

February 16                                                            February 23 
Havelock North Function Centre                         St. Cuthbert's College
Havelock North                                                      Auckland

Registration desk will be open from 8.15 am. Please allow enough time before the course starts to register.
Start time for the courses is 9.00 am - the days will end around 5.00 pm depending on Q&A.

Course cost is $150.00 including GST

Limited numbers so don’t miss out – book now!  
Conventional agriculture is stealing our quality of life via cancer, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, dementia, and other diseases.

All disease has a basis in nutrition, including ones we consider as ‘genetic’.  The new science of epigenetics shows how genes can be turned on and off depending on what mineral building blocks are available to the cell – nutrition is what determines genetic expression.

Genetically-altered food creates proteins and gene sequences that are foreign to our bodies and prompt allergic reactions.  These foods are causing health issues wherever they are consumed regularly.  Animal tests show damages including kidney and liver dysfunction, reproductive problems, skin issues.  People are experiencing allergies, inflammation, and new sorts of infections not seen before by medical science.

At the same time, the imposition of genetically engineered crops has led to significant increases in the use of toxic pesticides, resistant weeds, diseases and insect pests. 

Paralleling these events we see increasing human illness and disease trends including GI disorders, autism, birth defects, fertility and spontaneous abortions, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, inflammatory and autoimmune disorders, resistant infections, food borne diseases and childhood cancers. 

While the health establishment claims that we’re living longer, this supposed fall in mortality is all the more notable in view of the rise in sicknesses that weren’t an issue 50 years ago.

One common thread through all these issues and problems is nutrition.  Nutrition is the foundation of health; the lack of sound nutrition is the seed for ill health and disease.  Disease has absolutely been proven to be connected to diet.

The human race still digs its own grave with its teeth.

 You will gain ………..

  • A clear understanding of the link between nutrition,  general illness and specific diseases
  • An appreciation for the role that agriculture plays in all aspects of human and planetary health
  • Concrete information on health issues like allergies, Crohn’s disease, autism, ADHD, cancer, autoimmune disorders, etc.
  • Discussion of a variety of effective modalities for better health
  • Suggestions for eating that restore vitality and create healthy children


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Contact Information

  • For registration inquiries phone Attend Limited on  06 833 7440 (normal business hours)
    For ag and human health course content inquiries please phone  Phyllis Bio Ag NZ  on 06 874 7897, evenings are ok.