Dr Arden Andersen Courses 2013

Tuesday, 12 February 2013
                              Dr Arden Andersen Courses
Ashburton, February 13-14 2013
Taupo, February 18-19 2013

Human Health One Day Courses
Havelock North, February 16 2013
Auckland, February 23 2013


For the latest on nutrient-dense biological agriculture and how healthy soils make economic and environmental sense.

February 13-14                                                                   February 18-19     
Ashburton Trust Event Centre 
                                          Wairakei Resort
211 Wills Street                                                                State Highway

* The course help desk will be open from 8.15 am at each venue 
* Before the course commences, you will need to check in at the course help desk to collect your name badge and   course materials. Please allow enough time before the course starts to check in
Start time for the courses is 9.00 am - the days will end around 5.00 pm depending on Q&A
Morning teas and lunches are provided on the days of the course. Any special dietary requirements will be catered for.
Please don’t forget to bring pen and paper.
Dinner and transport to and from the venue is your own care.
* Please come well rested and ready for a full on learning experience.

Thank you for taking this first step toward growing nutrient dense food for discerning consumers.

Course cost is $575.00 including GST

Dr Arden Andersen MPH, PhD, MD.
World expert in 
Biological Agriculture


Future proofing farming

This two-day course provides practical applications, New Zealand success stories, and a clear demonstration of how you can create nutrient-dense food and contribute to sound human health, all for a price premium.

Farmers and growers will learn about basic mineralisation correlated to plant health; the importance of soil microbial communities,  how to read a paddock for what weeds tell us about mineral balance; how to benefit from foliar nutritional sprays; and how pasture / crop brix correlates directly to profit.


Topics covered include:

  • Principles of plant growth and development
  • Reams principles and why they’re so important to understand
  • Calcium and its many roles in plant health and production
  • Climatic plant stress and planning for next year
  • Field monitoring and its significance
  • Plant nutrition update
  • Nutrients and their functions
  • The ‘birds and bees’ of plant management
  • The total farm plan for sustainable farming
Healthy soil  Healthy humans   Healthy environment   Healthy profits

Dr Andersen is brought to New Zealand by True Health www.truehealth.co.nz


Contact Information

  • For registration inquiries phone Attend Limited on  06 833 7440 (normal business hours)
    For ag and human health course content inquiries please phone  Phyllis Bio Ag NZ  on 06 874 7897, evenings are ok.